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OSDPD Mission and Strategy

o The Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution (OSDPD) manages and directs the operation of the central ground facilities which ingest, process, and distribute environmental satellite data and derived products to domestic and foreign users.

o OSDPD serves as the primary operating level interface with civil sector users of data from operational environmental satellites.

o OSDPD provides interpretive and consultative services to those users and is responsible for the transmission of data products to remote receiving stations.

o OSDPD provides for the collection of environmental data from remote platforms using NESDIS satellites.

o OSDPD manages the Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) System, and is responsible for coordinating and implementing the United States activities in the international satellite aided search and rescue program, COSPAS-SARSAT.

o OSDPD assists the Office of the Assistant Administrator in planning and developing new satellites and ground facilities and the major modifications to existing facilities within the central ground facilities and National Weather Service field stations.

o OSDPD maintains the central ground facilities and makes such improvements to the equipment and software that are within the available capabilities and resources.

o OSDPD evaluates the effectiveness of the operational ground facilities and procedures in terms of the quality and quantity.

o OSDPD assesses the timeliness of the products and services provided and maintains an inventory of operational products and services and prepares assessments, recommendations and plans for the initiation of new products and services.



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