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Vertical Statistics

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Vertical Statistics

Vertical Weekly Statistics for ATOVS are generated once a week at approximately 7 am (EST/EDT) on Monday morning using previous week of data. The weekly statistics are generated for the regions 90N to 30N, 30N to 30S, and 30S to 90S over both clear and cloudy conditions.

Disclaimer for Experimental Satellite Products

Data and imagery displayed on these pages are not official NOAA or NESDIS operational products and are provided only for the purposes of demonstrative and experimental use by qualified remote sensing researchers or experienced meteorologists and oceanographers. Although we provide "operational" data streams for some of these products, the Internet is not considered to be an operational means of dissemination. Therefore, this service may be interrupted or canceled at any time without notice. Anyone is free to use the images or information as they wish, as long as credit is given to the NOAA/NESDIS Office of Satellite Data Proces sing and Distribution (OSDPD) Center.

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